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Assault at Work Compensation Claims

In the event of being assaulted in the workplace and sustaining injury either from an aggressive colleague, boss or member of the public, you are rightly entitled to claim injury compensation for your pain & suffering. 

Tensions between colleagues can often manifest themselves verbally, but when aggression boils over and become a physical assault then firstly your employer needs to take action against the aggressor for their actions, but your employer also is liable for injury compensation under their duty of care to keep you safe at work. 

If you have sustained injury whether physical or emotional following a workplace assualt then speak with the team at Grieves solicitors if you need to understand your rights and would like to start a claim. Contact our Work Accident Claims team on Freephone 0870 074 7644 or complete the enquiry form to the side of this page and we will get back to you.

We have the experience and legal knowhow to deal with all cases of violence in a professional environment. Our team understands that workplace assault cases can be particularly difficult and we are committed to offering swift and effective solutions to ensure distress is not prolonged.

What responsibilities does my employer have?

As well as making sure that a workplace is safe and as free from risk as possible, employers have a duty to ensure that issues between staff are dealt with swiftly and effectively. If brushing problems under the carpet leads to issues which spill into violence, responsibility can often lie with insufficient office management.

You are within your rights to make a claim if this is the case, and employees who have been injured by another colleague should not feel as though they are making an unnecessary fuss by pursuing a case.

Claiming compensation for assault at work

All of our team have a wealth of experience in providing help to employees who have been left injured following a workplace assault. We can deal with cases involving all kinds of injuries and common problems which our legal professionals' tackle include:

  • Cuts and grazes
  • Fractured or broken limbs
  • Long term issues with mobility
  • Bruising
  • Eyesight damage

Obviously and depending on the working environment sometimes a workplace assault can have grave consequences if a push or fall resulting from an aggressive assault is the catalysts for a more serious injury.

How much compensation will I get for assault at work claim?

The exact amount of compensation you will receive for your Assault at Work Claim will be based on a number of factors and of course, every case is individual in its own way. 

That being said, all injury claims are based on the evaluation of two elements to each claim:

  • General Damages - to compensate for the loss of amenity, pain & suffering
  • Special Damages - to compensate for financial losses or future costs incurred as a direct result of the injury

Our Accident at work Compensation Calculator will provide provisional guideline figures on how much compensation you may receive for the 'general damages' element of the final compensation award.

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