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Inadequate Training Injury Claims: Dangerous Work Practices Claims

Have you had an accident at work due to a lack of adequate training or due to be forced to undertake an activity at work where it is clear, a better provision for your health and safety should have been made by colleagues or your employer? Employers have a legal obligation to ensure all of their workers are fully trained on basic safety requirements and use of equipment in and around the workplace.

Causes of injury due to lack of training at work

Without adequate knowledge, employees will not be able to follow basic safety precautions and this may cause an accident. Most lack of training claims involve the improper use of heavy machinery, but most people who have suffered an injury in this way report:

  • Moving machinery
  • Operating machinery
  • Failure to apply safety equipment
  • Failure to provide adequate training
  • Failure to provide personal protective equipment
  • Forcing workers to undertake hazardous activities in cramped or low-light conditions
  • Manual handling
  • Working at heights

Employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees can complete tasks in a safe and efficient manner. To do this they must provide training to all employees who are required to perform certain tasks, even if the worker has received training whilst performing a similar role with a previous employer.

Any accidents that occur on the premises must be logged in an accident book to keep a record of what happened and how. This is a measure in your company’s insurance of safety at work.

Dangerous Practice and Procedure Injury Claims

Every workplace has its own set of dangers and risks and it is the responsibility of an employer to make sure that team members and staff on their premises remain as safe as possible. If you have suffered an injury at work and you believe that it is down to being asked to perform a dangerous practice or procedure then you could be entitled to make a claim.

The Work Accident Claims Solicitors at Grieves Solicitors have the experience and the skills to be able to deal with all kinds of cases, and our team can assist you in getting the compensation to which you are entitled.

Employer responsibility

Business owners and employers have a legal duty to make sure that a workplace is adequately kitted out with safety equipment and that staff are given the proper training to deal with certain pieces of equipment or hazardous situations.

If you feel your injuries were caused by a failure on the part of your employer, you could be entitled to make a claim.

Making a Work Accident Claim 

If you have had an accident at work due to inadequate training of either you or a co-worker, or because you have been asked or expected to undertake a task in an environment or way that has compromised your safety or if your employer has failed to provide any general safety information, you could be entitled to claiming compensation.

Any Accident at Work can leave you in a serious amount of pain, as well as stress after the accident occurred. This could be a long term ordeal and may incur high costs due to loss of earnings, medical bills and aftercare costs. Financial compensation is intended to support victims, covering:

  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income
  • Psychological damage
  • Mental distress.

How much compensation can I expect?

Compensation amounts for an injury at work claim will be based on a number of factors and of course, every case is individual in its own way. 

That being said, all injury claims are based on the evaluation of two elements to each claim:

  • General Damages - to compensate for the loss of amenity, pain & suffering
  • Special Damages - to compensate for financial losses or future costs incurred as a direct result of the injury

Our Accident at work Compensation Calculator will provide provisional guideline figures on how much compensation you may receive for the 'general damages' element of the final compensation award.

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