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Falling Object Accident Claim & Injured by Falling Object Compensation Claims

Have you or a loved one been injured by being hit by a falling object?

Workers in a range of different environments are often at risk of injury from falling objects. Such objects could be as innocuous as a tin of soup right through to a shipping container with very different consequences regarding the levels of injury received or even the likelihood of surviving the accident.

Obviously the heavier the object and the greater the height it falls from, the more severe the impact will be, and the more significant and life-threatening the injuries will be.

Employers have a moral duty and legal obligation to ensure their workforce are protected by minimising the risk of injury. Under the Work at Height Regulations, 2005 act Employers must also protect their employees against injuries from objects around the workplace.

However, unfortunately, work accidents can still occur especially if the employer has failed to provide adequate warning for workers working below potentially unsafe objects.  (I have inserted a new line here)

If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered an injury due to a falling object at work then you could be entitled to make a claim. Speak to a member of the Grieves Solicitors’ team FREE today on 0800 0747 644 for more information.

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The likelihood of a falling object injury

In the construction and manufacturing industries these types of injuries can even be a daily occurrence, causing serious industrial injuries as well as a number of fatalities every year. Likely situations where objects fall and injure an employee often include:

  • Dropped tools which have not been securely fastened.
  • A collapse or cave-in of a wall, floor or roof.
  • Objects moving from a moving load overhead.
  • Objects falling from scaffolding.
  • Workers coming into contact with loose machinery.
  • Workers who are provided with a lack of safety equipment.
  • Situations at work where there is no visible signage or barriers to warn employees of the potential dangers.

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Employers should ensure that all equipment and machinery which is being used high up is being used and stored correctly as well as providing prior warning for employees who are likely to be working below. Failure to provide a safe environment for employees will inevitably lead to a higher risk of injuries, giving you the right to make a claim.

Why should you make an accident claim?

While it can often be difficult for many employees to take action against their employer, it is vital you act in order to receive the rightful compensation you deserve. Financial compensation after an accident ensures the injury doesn’t add any additional financial strain and is intended to cover:

  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of income

Additional compensation is also included to compensate for the physical and psychological injuries the accident may have caused.

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How much compensation can I expect for a Falling Object Accident Claim?

The exact amount of compensation you will receive for your injury when having been struck by an object at work will be evaluated based on a number of factors and of course, every case is individual in its own way.

That being said, all injury claims are based on the evaluation of two elements to each claim:

  • General Damages – to compensate for the loss of amenity, pain & suffering
  • Special Damages – to compensate for financial losses or future costs incurred as a direct result of the injury

Our Accident at work Compensation Calculator will provide provisional guideline figures on how much compensation you may receive for the ‘general damages’ element of the final compensation award but for more detailed guidance on the overall package you could expect to receive, contact our Compensation Specialist Solicitors FREE on 0800 0747 644.

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