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Industrial Deafness Claims

In many workplaces, employees may be exposed to loud and repetitive noises that can have an impact on their hearing. It is the employers duty to ensure that all their workers are kept safe from noises by providing appropriate equipment. However, there are employers who fail to meet regulations set out by the Health & Safety Executive, and if you have experienced hearing difficulties, you could be eligible to make an industrial deafness claim.

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How is it caused?

There are two ways that a workers hearing can be affected by a noisy environment:

Exposure to loud sounds that can cause the inner ear to become damaged. Sufferers will experience a deadening in one or both of their ears, and may experience dizziness, pain and ringing in their ears.Repeated exposure to a dangerous level of noise, which damages the nerves preventing normal signals being sent to the brain. Sufferers will have difficulty listening to conversation where there is background noise, and they may find it difficult to use a phone.

Making a claim

Employers have a duty to their staff to guarantee the safety of a working environment. If your current or former employer has failed in that duty and you have suffered hearing loss, you have a right to claim financial compensation.

Occupational deafness significantly affects the life of the sufferer; compensation can go a long way towards paying for medical bills, rehabilitation costs and fees incurred during a period spent out of work.

We understand that making a claim against an employer can be difficult, and always reassure our clients that any compensation cost will be covered by their insurers, not their business.

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If you have worked in an industry which has exposed you to unduly high levels of noise without proper hearing protection, and you now suffer from industrial deafness, speak to a solicitor as soon as possible about making a claim for compensation.

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