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Brain Injury Solicitors

Traumatic brain damage & Acquired brain injury claims


A Brain Injury Solicitor is a fully qualified and trained legal professional who specialises in helping those who have suffered a brain injury claim the compensation that they are entitled to. Contact Grieves’ brain injury lawyers immediately if you, or a loved one, has been affected by an injury to the brain following an accident. We are here to help.

Only a solicitor with years of experience in dealing with brain injury compensation claims is adequately positioned to ensure the injured person is being cared for in the very best way.

Our experienced serious injury solicitors have helped numerous people receive the compensation they deserve following a brain injury, not only in relation to the trauma caused by the injury itself, but also a financial settlement that can ensure the highest possible standards of healthcare are available for the rehabilitation and recovery process. Furthermore, we aim to ensure that the injured person’s wellbeing and quality of life is considered and catered for.

Grieves solicitors are recognised as one of Yorkshire’s leading brain injury solicitor teams.

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Brain Injuries in the Workplace

Brain injuries are among the most serious kinds of injuries that people can sustain, and often have a life-changing and long-term impact. Many employees who have suffered head injuries following an accident may be forced to give up their job, or could require costly long-term care, but the team at Grieves can help.

We understand just how devastating these types of injuries can be, as well as their effect on our clients personal and professional lives, and our team work sympathetically and professionally to secure the compensation victims are entitled to.

What are the different types of brain injury?

There are two main types of brain injury; acquired brain injury and traumatic brain injury.

Acquired Brain Injury, or ABI, is the term used for any brain injury that happens after birth - i.e. it is 'acquired' at any point later in life.

This can include incidents like stroke (especially haemorrhagic) and other interruptions of breathing like drowning, asphyxiation and smoke inhalation.

A smaller section of ABI is traumatic brain injury, where the cause is physical, for instance concussion, a skull fracture or other impact. These instances are often more clearly the fault of a third party, such as in assault or road traffic collisions.

Some brain damage occurs before or during birth, but this does not mean a third party is not to blame: medical negligence before or during labour can lead to unnecessary and lifelong brain damage.

How often do brain injuries occur?

Each year, around 350,000 people are admitted to hospital with acquired brain injury due to a range of difference causes - that's more than 500 people for every 100,000 of the UK population, according to brain injury charity Headway.

The figure equates to nearly 1,000 new brain injury cases every day, or a hospital admission roughly every 90 seconds. Total cases of brain injury are up 10% since 2005 and most affect men, but female brain injuries are up 16% over the same period.

Causes of 'non-superficial' acquired brain injury, or ABI, range from illnesses like stroke and brain tumours, to physical head injuries and severe concussions - if a brain injury is the result of an accident involving somebody else's negligence, you should call for a discussion with one of our head and brain injury compensation claim specialists.

How does a brain injury effect a person’s life?

Brain damage ranges in severity, but almost always has a significant and often devastating effect on the injured party's quality of life. In the worst cases, it can also affect family members' lifestyles if they are forced to take time off work or become a permanent carer.

If you have been affected by a brain injury - either as the victim yourself, or as a friend or family member - Grieves Solicitors can help you to decide whether you have a strong enough case to make a brain injury compensation claim and can support you throughout the claim process.

We welcome all enquiries, whether you are already determined to go ahead with a brain injury compensation claim or would like to find out more about the process and whether you have a strong serious injury case.

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What are the main causes of brain injury?

As mentioned, there are two main causes of brain damage, and it depends on whether the brain cells were directly impacted leading to physical trauma, or if they were starved of oxygen which caused them to die off.

Traumatic brain injury is often more likely to occur in a public place, for example in a car crash, or on a construction site or other workplace where an object may fall on your head, or you may fall on to a hard surface or sharp edge.

Brain damage can also occur in the workplace, in the presence of fumes or smoke, but is also often linked with medical negligence, for instance if problems occur with oxygen supply during an operation or other medical procedure.

What are the effects of a brain injury?

The symptoms and effects of brain damage can vary and are often invisible, as opposed to the physical disfigurement that can occur with head injuries.

Some of the more visible effects of brain damage include a lack of coordination, seizures, or partial paralysis such as the dropped facial muscles often associated with a severe stroke.

The less visible effects can be even more devastating, and can include abrupt personality changes, insomnia, memory loss - both short-term and long-term - and difficulties when processing logic and reasoning.

Who can make a brain injury compensation claim?

You don't have to be the person directly affected by the brain injury in order to make a claim. Third parties including family and close friends often have a case too, especially if you have been forced to act as a carer or to change your lifestyle or modify your home to adapt to the injured party's physical condition.

The financial compensation for a brain injury can be substantial, in recognition of how deeply distressing such cases can be, and the length of time it can take to recover - including cases in which full recovery is not possible.

Grieves Solicitors can help you from the very first step of the way, with general guidance and professional legal advice so that you understand the compensation claim process and whether it is the right decision for you to pursue a claim.

How much compensation can I claim for brain injury?

Brain injury compensation amounts are based on the severity of the injury, recovery time and the lasting effects. Compensation could be awarded to help cover medical costs, loss of earnings and changes to the home.

Brain injury compensation payouts for a very severe brain injury affecting communication and the senses (but not self-awareness) could be in the range of £150,000 to £300,000.

Compensation for significant brain damage affecting the ability to lead an independent life range from £50,000 to £75,000.

Payouts for lesser head injuries range from £1,000 to £10,000.

For more information about brain injury compensation amounts, enter your injury into our compensation calculator.

No Win, No Fee Brain Injury Claims

Nobody should have to face a financial risk when you have already suffered a life-changing event like brain damage, which is why Grieves Solicitors offer strictly no-win, no-fee brain injury claims, so if you never have to pay out if you do not win.

We also provide you with broader support services, not only so that you understand the legal procedures and brain damage compensation claim process, but also by putting you in touch with charitable organisations like Headway, who are there for the victims of acquired brain injuries and their family and friends.

How can I make a brain injury claim?

Contact our brain injury solicitors immediately to start a claim or for all general enquiries about brain injury compensation claims and all of the personal injury claims Grieves Solicitors are able to handle - you may even be considering making multiple claims if you were involved in a traffic incident with several people in the car, for instance.

Whatever your personal circumstances, we will be happy to help you understand more about the process or start a brain injury compensation claim on your behalf. Remember we strictly offer no-win, no-fee brain injury claims.

To find out more or to ask us anything about the process, fill out one of our online contact forms or call us on 0800 0747 644 and a member of our team will speak to you immediately or call you back at the first opportunity, so we can help you to make progress on your claim without delay.

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