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As Personal Injury Solicitors Accredited by Apil, we are ideally placed to ensure you secure the compensation you deserve following a injury to you or a loved one. Are you the victim of an accident that was not your fault? Regardless of how the accident was caused, Grieves Solicitors are Personal Injury Solicitors based in Huddersfield but helping clients across the UK. We help cater for your recovery as well as claiming compensation for personal injury or other financial hardship resulting from your injury. As personal injury specialists in a range of areas, we have many years experience helping our clients pursue claims for both physical and psychological trauma. Let our experts assess your case today - call us for FREE on 0800 0747 644 or fill out our CONTACT FORM.

Grieves Solicitors are specialist Personal Injury Solicitors. We exclusively obtain compensation for accident victims.

We have many years experience in pursuing a wide variety of compensation claims and are very proud of our friendly, expert, professional service, our excellent record of success, and the level of compensation achieved for all our valued clients over the years.

Your claim will be handled from start to finish by one of our personal injury solicitors in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, who will fight to ensure that you not only receive maximum compensation for your physical/psychological injuries, but also additional compensation for other losses (unpaid absence from work, personal property, personal care needs, etc). We also fight to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment for any ongoing medical conditions arising as a result of your accident.

Unlike many other firms, Grieves' Huddersfield Solicitors do not believe in taking any money whatsoever from your valuable compensation. We do not conduct business through any claims management middlemen or agents. We do not ask you to enter into any complicated interest-accruing loan agreements. We do not seek deductions of any kind from your compensation - WHAT YOU WIN, YOU KEEP!

The only exception to this is, in some cases, when defendants do not accept responsibility for your accident. When this happens and we still help you win your case, we will deduct from your compensation anywhere up to 25% from your final award - simply to cover the additional work that has gone into fighting for, and winning, your compensation. There may also be a deduction for insurance to protect you against any costs you may be ordered to pay. There are, however, no up-front charges to pay whatsoever.

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