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Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims & Motorbike Injury Claims

How much compensation can you claim following a Motorcycle Accident?

Our motorbike accident compensation calculator will help you to understand the compensation available.

You may be able to claim compensation if you were involved in an accident that was not your fault.

Compensation payouts vary according to the circumstances. With so many factors to consider, it’s almost impossible to state the amount of compensation a person can claim for a motorcycle accident until we have taken a more detailed look at the case.

Motorcycle accident compensation amounts are calculated using a range of factors, including:

  • The severity of the injury
  • Costs of treatment given and expected future treatment
  • Changes in physical and mental ability
  • Level of suffering and pain
  • Earnings lost as a result of the accident through recovery time and ability to return to work
  • Damages caused to property


Have you been injured or affected by a motorbike bike accident?

Our specialist motorbike accident solicitors are experienced in dealing with a range of cases, including serious injury and fatal motorbike accident claims, so you’re in good hands.

Grieves Solicitors can offer support and advice in order to ensure you get the help you deserve.

How often do motorbike accidents occur?

Motorbike accidents are becoming far more common.

You are around 38x more likely to be killed as a result of a road collision as a motorcyclist than if you were driving a car.

In fact, on average, 30 motorcyclists are killed or injured every day at road junctions. Despite statistics improving year on year and protective clothing being worn, sadly, motorcycle injury claims are still very common.

Past statistics show that whilst motorcyclists only represent around 1% of traffic, they account for up to 20% of the accidents caused on our roads.

Studies show that there are 3 basic motorbike crash types:

  • Right of way violation accidents; Failure to yield at a three-way intersection.
  • Loss of control at bends at speed; Driving at an uncontrollable speed and therefore losing control.
  • Overtaking/filtering accidents; Causing an accident due to Impatience, tiredness, carelessness.

Fatal accidents are often caused on the road by the motorcycle running off the road, more often than not, late at night or at weekends.

Motorcyclists may be injured as a result of losing control due to oil spills on the road. If you have been injured from an oil spill you could be eligible to make a claim, if the negligence of an untraceable road user led to the spillage. This is generally due to overfilling a tank or failing to secure the fuel tank.

If you have been affected or injured due to a motorbike accident or road collision and want to find out more about how our specialist solicitors can help you claim compensation, get in touch today.

What are the compensation amounts for motorbike accidents?

The Grieves Solicitors' motorbike accident compensation calculator figures are solely for guidance and advice only and should not be relied on.

Motorbike Accident Compensation Amounts

Compensation for Paralysis Injuries from a Motorbike Accident

Quadriplegia: £262,350 - £340,000

Paraplegia: £180,000 - £240,000


Impotence from a Motorbike Accident

Impotence in young males: £116,000 - £128,000

Impotence in middle aged males with children: £34,000 - £65,000


Compensation Amounts for Sterility from a Motorbike Accident

Severe cases for young males: £92,950 - £136,950

Moderate case: £14,520 - £29,700

Minor to moderate cases in older males: £13,800- £15,180


Injury to Hip & Pelvis from a Motorbike Accident

Severe: £63,360 - £105,875

Moderate (including dislocations or impotence): £21,505 - £31,625

With leg instability, hip replacement: £10,175 - £21,505

With some permanent disability: £3,190 - £10,175

Minor to moderate: £2,900 - £3,190


Compensation Amounts for Leg Injuries from a Motorbike Accident

Leg amputation: £194,700 - £227,975

Below-knee Amputation of Both Legs: £162,800 - £218,350

Above-knee Amputation of One Leg: £84,700 - £111,100

The Most Serious Injuries short of Amputation: £77,825 - £110,000

Serious leg injuries: £44,330 - £68,365

With multiple fractures, limited movements: £22,440 - £31,680

Fractures with incomplete recovery: £13,200 - £14,520

Simple fractures: £7,370 - £11,385


Knee Injuries from a Motorbike Accident

Severe, with disruption of the joint: £56,375 - £77,770

Moderate, permanent injury: £42,130 - £56,375

With some instability or deformity: £11,900 - £21,500

With dislocation, torn cartilage, wasting: £7,500 - £13,500

Minor injuries: £1,000 - £7,500


Ankle Injuries from a Motorbike Accident

Severe with deformity and degeneration: £25,000 - £35,000

Moderate with some instability: £16,000 - 25,000

With ligamentous tears, metal work, scarring: £6,500 - £13,500

Minor undisplaced fractures, some scarring: £1,000 - £6,500


Achilles Tendon from a Motorbike Accident

Severe with restriction of movement: £18,500 - £20,000

Serious with some limitation of movement: £12,500 - £15,500

Moderate with no significant disability: £7,500 - £9,000

Minor soft tissue: £1,000 - £5,000


Compensation for Foot Injuries from a Motorbike Accident

Amputation of Both Feet: £85,000 - £100,000

Amputation of One Foot: £42,000 - £55,000

Severe foot injury with permanent disability: £42,000 - £55,000

Severe foot injury with significant mobility restriction: £23,000 - £34,000

Serious foot injury with multiple operations: £12,500 - £20,000

With displaced fractures some deformity: £6,750 - £12,500

Simple fractures, puncture wounds: £3,000 - £ 6,750


Toe Injuries

All Toes Amputated: £18,500 - £28,250

Big Toe Amputated: £14,000 - £15,000

Injury Short of Amputation: £6,750 - £14,000

Toe Fracture: £1,000 - £6,750


What is the process for claiming compensation?

When making a claim for compensation due to a motorcycling accident, medical records may have to be obtained from medical experts in the relevant fields, in order to determine the injuries sustained at the time. This may take a long time depending on the level of the injuries. The more serious injuries can take anything up to 12 months after the accident for the medical report to be obtained. Your injuries will be valued in accordance with the final medical report obtained.

It’s important to understand that when a compensation claim, the case could go to court and then trial.

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