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Hernia Compensation calculator:

What is a Hernia Claim?

A hernia is a common condition that can leave a victim in incredible amounts of pain, Hernia is the condition of when one of the organs or the wall of the organ extends externally of the biological cavity, which typically holds it. They can be internal or external, and can cause problems with mobility, which can permanently affect an individual’s quality of life.

Hernias are common in the stomach, but they can also appear in the belly button, groin and upper thigh area, a hernia follows after an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue which holds it in place. If you suffer a hernia injury through the fault of someone else, the amount of compensation you are entitled to will likely be dependent on the severity of the damage sustained.

It is also important to note that Hernias, especially internal hernias can be caused from a genetic problem and not necessarily from the negligence of another. Therefore in cases of hernia injury claims a medical examination from an expert will be required to show a hernia injury was caused due to the fault of another.

The different types of hernia are:

  • Inguinal hernia: When the bowel squashes through the lower abdomen into the groin.
  • Umbilical hernia: When tissue/ part of the bowel pushes through the abdomen close to the belly button.
  • Muscle hernia: When part of the muscle pushes through the abdomen.
  • Hiatus hernia: When the stomach pushes into the chest through an opening in the diaphragm.
  • Femoral hernia: When fatty tissue or a part of the bowel pushes through into the groin at the top of the inner thigh.
  • Incisional hernia: When tissue pushes through a surgical wound in the abdomen that has not healed.
  • Spigelian hernia: When part of the bowel pushes through the abdomen by the stomach muscle below the belly button.
  • Epigastric hernia: When fatty tissue pushes through the abdomen, between the belly button and breastbone.

What causes a Hernia?

Hernias are caused by a mixture of muscle weakness and strain, depending on the cause, a hernia can develop quickly or over a period of time. Common causes of muscle weakness can include:

  • Age.
  • Failure of the abdominal wall (a congenital defect).
  • Chronic coughing.
  • Damage from injury.
  • Genetic problem.
  • Heavy lifting in the workplace can lead to excessive pressure in the stomach, groin and lower spine leading to, Hernia of the abdomen, Hernia of the groin or hernia of the stomach and Hernia of the spine/spinal discs.
  • Hernia due To Medical or Clinical Negligence- (Incisional hernia).


Examples of the typical amounts include:

Damage leading to permanent disability: up to £17,5000

Damage leading to permanent ongoing symptoms: up to £10,000

Recovery with no ongoing symptoms: up to £5,000

The amount of compensation you receive may be more as aspects of your special damages (Financial losses and expenses) have yet still to be considered. Therefore it is important for you to contact Grieves Solicitors for a full consultation and what you could expect to receive.

Making a claim for compensation:

We understand that making a claim may seem overwhelming at first but we are happy to talk over any queries or concerns you may have about bringing forward a compensation claim. If you, a family member or friend, have suffered an injury and require legal advice, get in touch with one of our personal injury solicitors today. You can contact Grieves Solicitors and a member of our team, an experienced specialist will discuss your prospect of claiming for your injuries. Our team of personal injury and of medical negligence solicitors are specialists in dealing with personal injury compensation claims. We boast over 20 years’ experience of handling claims and cases involving victims who have experienced internal injuries, ensuring you are provided the best care and guidance possible to win your case.

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