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Nadine Edwards

Nadine Edwards joined Grieves Solicitors in 2016 as an Apprentice Paralegal, straight after finishing her A-Levels.  

Grieves Solicitors have always been keen to support Nadine in her studies which began with Damar Training.

When she completed her apprenticeship with Damar Training in December 2019 Grieves Solicitors supported her through to the next stage of her studies and enrolled her onto an apprenticeship degree course with the University of Law.

She is studying as an Apprentice Solicitor at the moment. With the ongoing support and encouragement from Grieves she is sure to reach her goal and become a qualified Solicitor.   This is what Nadine says :

What inspired you to get into the Law?

I have always had an interest in the law from watching television programmes however, my interest grew when I studied law at A-Level.

Once I began working at Grieves Solicitors, I knew working in the law was something I wanted to stick with. I love how varied and fast paced my job role is. I also love to be challenged and learning the law is definitely a challenge.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

I find it highly rewarding when I produce excellent quality work for one of my colleagues as then that work will be used to assist someone along their journey of pursuing Compensation for an Accident which was not their fault.  It is a really good feeling knowing something you have done is helping another person.

I spend a lot of time seeing clients in the general office.  It is really rewarding seeing them heal from their injuries and being a helping hand in reassuring them over any worries they may have during the course of their claim.

Why do you like working at Grieves Solicitors?

Grieves Solicitors has provided me with the most amazing opportunity. As Grieves is a small firm everyone is really hands on. I love that I get the opportunity to work closely alongside the Solicitors here.

I get really good exposure to the working environment experiencing all types of Personal Injury claims. I think it’s great how we have good relationships with our clients and that here is really friendly as we can give clients a personal experience this is how we are able to give people such an excellent service.

What do you do when you’re away from the office?

When I am not at work or studying during the summer months, I enjoy spending time going to Classic American Car shows with my Dad and younger siblings. My Dad has always had American Cars, so this has always encouraged my interest. I tend to spend a lot of my holidays travelling to different countries with either my partner or my friends I love travelling to new places and experiencing new things.